• Saturday, October 08th, 2011

Jimmy’s Message from Maui:

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    Hello! I just wanted to let you know that your e-mail enrollment option doesn’t work. (Also, your video was a neat coincidence — I live on Maui.)

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    Don’t know why but evertime I sign up to mail me things, I fill out the form and click on ” gimmie ” BAM I get a wht ghost… not sure at all why, THanks for the info and catch ya roc’en soon !


  3. 3
    Don Green 

    Love it, wish I was there

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    Dr. Adam Spindler 

    Hi Jimmy, Already have Acoustic Enlightenment (was w/i the first 100). As with all your DVDs, it rocks brother. My kids dance around and giggle when they here me play now. Its awesome. So here’s my Q. Are you going to make any practice loops available to work on the new licks and riffs in AL? The ones on CJ’s sight sound synthesized and generic sounding and don’t lend themselves to your work. Thanks for doing what you do. You’ve helped me to become a better guitarist… quickly. PS Are you ever going to cover some Stephen Stills? Thanks so much, Doc A

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