New Jimmy Dillon DVD “Eclectic Electric” coming soon!

Greetings to all you electric guitar slingers…I wanted to tell you about a new product that Im really excited about with called “Eclectic Electric”. This DVD set explores in depth all the beauty and power of electric guitar….In my many years of touring, recording and teaching Im always struck by the excitement and fascination for both fans and players of electric guitar. In this series I share with you my experience and techniques as well as how to get killer tone and vibe from your axe, whether a strat,tele, Les Paul etc…I use my whole collection on this one and it is really a fun ride!

So stay tuned as we will have this baby ready to go before Xmas so we can all rock together into the New Year!

Play on….


My gig with Sting for a very good cause.

I wanted to share an inspiring musical experience I had a while back with you all. I got a call from producer/drummer Narada Michael Walden (currently on tour w/ Jeff Beck) to do a benefit show in my home town of San Francisco for Christopher Rodriguez, a music student who was tragically wounded in a drive by shooting over in Oakland.”Let the Sunshine In” was the name of the event and the line up was truly amazing! Sting, Keb Mo’, Earl Klugh, The 5th Dimension, Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead, just to name a few…I was part of the band and got to play “Fields of Gold” and “If  I Ever Lose My Faith In You” on my trusty Gryphon 12 string. The band was stellar with Chuck Leavell (an old friend) from The Stones and Allman Brothers on keys as well as Lisa Fisher also from the Stones on vocals. We were fortunate to also have a 60 piece orchestra from SF Conservatory led by conductor Michael Morgan from the Oakland Symphony at the helm.

The performances were stellar and it was truly an honor to be included in this once in a lifetime event! I will post some fun pix from the show.

Keep rockin’!

Best, Jimmy

Sting, Kelli and JD

Rockin’ with The Big Man

I am thrilled to report that tonight and tomorrow night I will be performing with Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. I was Clarence’s guitarist and musical director for many years and really enjoy playing with The Temple of Soul West, his band here on the west coast. We have 2 sold out shows at The Woods music club and everyone is excited here in my home town of Mill Valley, Ca.!

As many of you know “Mr. C” is the consumate rock n roll sax man and has been  a huge part of the Boss’s sound for more than thirty years…he also has a new book out chronicling his many adventures with the E Street Band. I was fortunate to introduce him at a book signing in SF last week-great to hear all the stories!

Clarence and I collaborated on the music from his last 2 CDs and will be performing the tunes along with some classic Bruce as well….I ll post the set list and also pix and video (exclusive to readers!) and will be telling you about my new DVD product “Ecclectic Electric” so stay tuned….

Keep rockin’,

Jimmy Dillon

Hangin’ with Virtuwul and Ozzie in the studio…

Virtuwul and I are in the studio  here in sunny San Francisco working on “Killer Keyboards Made Simple” with my musical partner and  keyboard master Ozzie Ahlers. Oz is a seasoned session player having recoded and toured with the likes of Van Morrison, Jerry Garcia and guitar hero Craig Chaquico from Jefferson Starship.

Ozzie is doing a great job exploring basic keyboards and shares his system of “chop building” in an easy to understand pro method, injecting his brand of soulful blues and R&B along the way and sharing some provacative stories of real life experiences on the road and in the studio….

As a guitarist I recognize the importance of developing a basic understanding of keyboards whether writing songs or just having fun jammin’ with friends.

Stay tuned as we release more information about all things musical…

Keep Rockin’


Going to play with Santana again!

Carlos Santana
Santana told Jimmy: "I love your down-in-the-bucket blues

I am looking forward to playing with Carlos Santana and Narada Michael Walden as well as some other great Bay Area musicians on december 17th in my home town of Mill Valley. The show is a yearly event that benefits kids and music, my 2 favorite causes!

That reminds me of a memorable gig a few  years back in San Francisco with blues legend John Lee Hooker, Lonny Mack and the Santana Band…I was in the audience ready to enjoy the show when the bartender handed me a note saying the owner wanted to see me…so I went downstairs to see what was up and found out that Lonny Mack, the legendary Texas guitar slinger, was delayed at the airport and would I be willing to open the show…

I was of coursed honored to be asked and rushed home (I live 2 blocks away) to grab “Stacey” my trusty Natioonal resophonic guitar, and proceeded to perform a short opening set for 3 of my heros! I ws blown away to even share the same stage with these guys and when I got backstage  Carlos said” he man I luv your down- in -the -bucket stuff”…well needless to say that made my day!

Have a rocking day!

Jimmy Dillon